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#Writing Rule #28

Get motivated with another interesting #writingquote from #ALifeofaWriter. This is #WritingRule No. 28. You may or may not have seen this one as well

Another New Writing Rule – #13 Edit, Edit & Edit!

I’m far from the perfect writer. However, I’ve learned the hard way that I’m not done editing when I think I’m done. It’s not

Writing Rule #9 – You Gotta Want it

How badly do you want to write for a living? It is possible to make over $100,000 per year or even $1 million per

Writing Rule #1 – Take your Profession Seriously, But Laugh at Your Writing Mistakes

Has this ever happened to you? My own writing mistakes often embarrasses me. I reveal excessive personal information on my business blogs and social

Writing Rule #8 – Worry about Grammar a Little Less

    Impeccable grammar would be nice. It’s especially important for dissertations, white papers and college essay writing. You also want to check your

Writing Rule #7 – Don’t Procrastinate!

    Whether you want to write the next best-selling novel or you want to make your blogs more, don’t procrastinate anymore! In fact,

Writing Rule #6 – Don’t be your Own Enemy!

      For a long time, I punished myself. I expected that I had to be a perfect writer before I could actually

Writing Rule #5 – Overcome Negativity

      You can channel energy into words that could impact the world. However, to have the greatest positive effect, you want to

Writing Rule #4 — Get over yourself!

  Some of us might get embarrassed about our own writing mistakes. It’s only natural. The advice I have to share with others concerning

Writing Rule #3 – Writing is Not Always Easy!

I often downplay the writing profession. I actually assume just about anyone can do it if they want to. I’m even surprised people are
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