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Random Thought Writing Exercise #1: The TTS Video Version

Trying this writing exercise will help you tap into your stream of consciousness. It can help you “loosen” up, and it will help spark

8 Things to Do When You Have Writer’s Block (Part I, TTS Video Version)

Please scroll down to skip to the video. You can also view the text version of this post here. The paragraph you see below offers you

Random Thoughts Writing Exercise #1: General

This writing exercise is based on a workshop I attended in New York in the early 1990s. I think it’s still relevant today. It’s

Journaling Suggestion #3: Describe Your Favorite Food

What is your favorite food? Think for a minute, and when you have an answer write a paragraph about it. You might say, “What

Object Poem Exercise #3: Rubber Band

For this exercise all you need to do is think of a household object or any object and expand on it. The Object for

Journal Free Write Suggestion #1: Write about your First (Meaningful) Kiss

You can take this exercise into any direction you want. For instance, you could talk about your first kiss as a child with your

Journal Free Writing Suggestion #2: What was your First Trip Like?

I love to tell tales about places I’ve been, and I like to write about them. I personally loved visiting and l living in

Use your Words Exercise #1

Use your Words Exercise #1 I right now am so into words and have become obsessed with Dictionary.com lately. I decided to pull some

Object Poem #2: Voice Mail

What to Do: Write About a Selected Object How to Do It: Write a short paragraph, journal entry or poem about an object or

Free Writing Exercise #1: Tap into your Emotions

What to Do: Freely rant and rave about any subject that matters to you. Depending upon what type of writing you do, it helps to
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