Random Thoughts Writing Exercise #1: General

This writing exercise is based on a workshop I attended in New York in the early 1990s. I think it’s still relevant today. It’s exactly what it sounds like — record a bunch of random thoughts.

This in and off itself could start an entire blog! People would probably think you’re just writing poetry.

cats jumping
cows grazing
outside moon
sun is shining
too dark to see
but now I can
the other day
I made a peanut butter jelly sandwich
I ate it with jelly
and then I ate chicken
and then I skipped supper
and breakfast
and then I became fat
then anorexic
then just plain old confused
what was I thinking when I left him
what would it benefit me to stay
I cannot write fast enough because my thoughts are just racing racing racing…

You get the idea?

If so, please share, but please respect the rest of the readers. This blog is rated PG-13 (give or take a few censored expletives here and there.)
NO PORNOGRAPHIC LANGUAGE ALLOWED, PLEASE, but mild reference of a sexual nature are fine.

Also, feel free to add a link to your writing website.


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