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Writing Rule #9 – You Gotta Want it

How badly do you want to write for a living? It is possible to make over $100,000 per year or even $1 million per

Where did this post go, you ask?

If you’re not seeing this post, it’s because I had to delete it and repost it due to an incredibly annoying, unknown (at least

Writing Rule #1 – Take your Profession Seriously, But Laugh at Your Writing Mistakes

Has this ever happened to you? My own writing mistakes often embarrasses me. I reveal excessive personal information on my business blogs and social

Writing is like “Good” Bacteria

Have you ever heard of “probiotics?” It is a type of bacteria that is good for you. So what does this have to do

No Writer (or Artist) Wants to Fail, But Success is not Everything

CONTENT WARNING: References to Death, Dying, and Suicide (I’m not suicidal, just talking about death and dying in general). You might wonder why this

What is Worse? Neglect my Readers or Neglect my Housework?

I should really do my laundry. The sink is piled up with dishes. However, I wonder what is worse — to neglect my housework

Writing is a Game you Cannot Lose

Writing is a game you cannot lose But it’s not for those who snooze Writing is only for those with news Otherwise, it would

I just can’t “Not” Write!

How to know when you have become a writer… You know you have become a writer in many ways. It is what you do

It’s Only a Temporary Writer’s Recession (for you)

Originally published on 2/24/2008 (Blogger); updated 6/14/2014 It can be hard to remember that next week you will be so swamped with work you

A Little Light of Hope can Take you a Long Way

Original Post Date: 2/15/08 on  Blogger; moved to A Blog in the Life of a Writer 6/14/2014 Hope During Hard Times for a Freelance
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