Free Writing Exercise #1: Tap into your Emotions

What to Do: Freely rant and rave about any subject that matters to you.

Depending upon what type of writing you do, it helps to tap into your emotions. Pretend you are given a title and you are asked to write a short story based on that title.

However, this time the publisher or client says, “I don’t want you to do any research on the subject before you write about it. All I want you to do is write from the heart.”

So, I want you to try that. Write a short paragraph about a subject without doing any research. For example, I’m going to give you the following title(s) to write about:

Is Outer Beauty Really Everything? 

The Dumbing Down of America: Are we Getting Stupider as a Nation?

Cut Expenses, Not Jobs! That should be the Economic Goal!

What Next for the World?

Or…Free Writing of Your Own!

How to Do it: Just Sit Down and Write and Don’t Think About It!

Sit down with a pen and pad, or you can use the notepad on your computer. Just start writing continuously for at least a couple of minutes. Believe me this works. I have had free writing sessions for up to 10 minutes.

Of course, the major concern regarding this is you cannot worry right now about spelling, grammar, or punctuation. You also need not worry if what you are saying makes sense.

You just keep writing. This is a lesson about “muse” or in other words creative power. This is what will help release you especially if you are having trouble thinking of something to write right now (writer’s block).

Feel free to submit a comment below based on what you have created while participating in this activity.

An Addendum to this Updated 16-15-/2014 — Write Any Form You Want (either Prose or Poetry)

You can use the tips from the random thoughts exercise I also posted. Create a poem, write a story or just vent. However, remember this one rule: Don’t stop to think about what you write! Just do it!


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