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Welcome to a Blog in the Life of a Writer — A Chronicle of the Writer’s Life

You can find inspiration and encouragement here as you realize that writer are real people, too. Read some of my Writing Rule Quotes or just have a laugh or two when you read my day in a life entries. I plan to add some writing career advice either here or on one of my other blogs in the future, and I also have writing exercises to re-post from another blog to show you. I’ll let you know when those are up.

Why I Created this Writer’s Chronicle

I call this blog “A Blog in the Life of a Writer” for a reason. It is a play on the expression “A Day in the Life of a…(fill in the blank).” On this “A Day in the Life” page I provide links to examples of what I experience on a daily or hourly basis as a writer.

I created this chronicle to provide people with a “behind the scenes” view of the daily life of someone involved in the writing profession.

More Words about This Blog

Chronicled here are also examples of daily activities, joys, and frustrations of a person aspiring to be a writer. Enjoy learning what it is like to be a writer! Get a taste of the professional daily and creative grind, if you will.

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