5 Things Writers Often Don’t Consider before Starting Their Careers

About two weeks ago, I posted an article about starting a writing career that includes challenges people face when attempting to work as a freelancer. It’s on Writing.Com, an online communty I’ve been a part of for over nine years.

The article includes 5 things people don’t think about when they start their freelance writing career:

Pursue writing if you enjoy it. Otherise, you'll be disappointed.

You have to truly love writing to pursue it.

You have to want it!

That’s the advice that always stuck with me ever since I started writng eight years ago. I didn’t always take the most¬†prestigious assignments at times, and I may have even sold myself short sometimes. However, at least ¬†I know I want it, and that’s why I still do it a year and a half shy of a decade later. Read More >>


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